RT51 revolutionizes the dimensions of space-time.

Your gelato and pastry laboratory in 0.3 square meters!

RT51 is the most compact and easy to use professional multifunction machine that allows you to make artisanal gelato and desserts in few minutes.

No waste of time, energy and space.

Just a “sweetly” enriched menu!

RT51 is signed by ROBOcream, the leading brand in the sector of professional pastry cream machines.

With RT51 you can prepare many recipes, including: gelato, ice creams, frozen desserts, cakes, slush, custard cream, choux pastry, jellies, jams, marmalades, yogurt, panna cotta, mousse, marshmallow, nappage, rice for pastry, béchamel sauce, polenta, velvety … and much more!

RT51 offers you over 50 customizable programs to adapt your preparations to the needs of your customers.

You can pasteurize and cook up to 5 liters of product and churn up to 2 liters of ice cream, obtaining a perfect consistency thanks to the inverter technology, that regulates the speed of the agitator in each phase and helps you save energy, also protecting mechanical transmission and motor.

RT51 is compact and easy to use, ideal also for restaurant spaces.