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Series Potential

RoboCream is a modern and convenient innovation in the the world of handcraft food preparations.
It has more than 50 programs (automatic or customisable) to make custard cream, catalan cream, crème brulée, lemon cream, mousseline, diplomat, almond cream, butter cream, fruit cream, bavarian cream, pâte à bombe, choux pastry, confi ture, jelly, gelatine, nappage, chocolate melting, ganache, chocolate sauce, tomato sauce, bechamel, risotto, polenta, etc. It pasteurizes ice cream mixes.

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Summary data sheet

Custard cream per cycle L3 / 15 (80 min)
Pasteurizing / Aging per cycle L3 / 15 (80 min)
CondenserAir or Water or Mixed
Nominal Power W3300
Standard voltage230V~50Hz
Net weight Kg.138
Net Dimensions W x D x H mm600x836x1335


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